• 2 Stories by Akilesh Ayyar

  • Janie's by Caitlin Barasch 

  • Drunk in a Valley by Alex Billedeaux

  • Library Patrol by Michael Chaney

  • Natty Bumpo Rides Again by Tom Fillion

  • Two Stories by Rizwati Freeman

  • The Lawn by Philip Goldberg

  • The Allure of Younger Men by C. E. Hyun

  • Trespassing Nudists by Jason Hibbitts

  • Leap of Faith by Susan Kirchoff

  • 2 stories by Michael Kroesche

  • A Bow for Love by Robert Lamon

  • Playing Guitar by Joe Marchia

  • Amorous Marie by Micheal Pacheco

  • The Revolt of the Test Cases by Ken Poyner 

  • A Hollow Forest, Singing by Catori Sarmiento

  • Flinging up Sand by Mikaela Shea

  • Sacred Dogs by Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb

  • Last Day in the Mayan Calendar by Matthew Wilson

Creative Nonfiction

  • I Want My Ovulation Please by Michael Caligaris

  • Expulsion from the Garden of Eden by Bryce Journey

  • Running from a Fat Man's Bed by Cinthia Ritchie

  • Language of Love by Holly Vance


  • Poems by Gary Blankenburg

  • Poems by John Buckley

  • Poems by Janet Butler

  • Poems by Dane Cobain

  • Poems by William Davies Jr.

  • Poems by Tatjana Debeljacki

  • Poems by AJ Huffman

  • Poems by Patricia L. Johnson

  • Poems by Robert Laughlin

  • Poems by Lindsey Miller

  • Poems by Mary Shanley

  • The Lucky One by Mia Sara

  • A Bum Goes Home for the Holidays by Sam Silva

  • Poems by Jessica Tyner

Visual Art

  • Karyn Eisler

  • Merlin Flower

  • Cathrine Lødøen

  • Lindsey Miller

  • Colleen Purcell

  • Emily Strauss

  • Michael K White


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