• Ice Study #1 by Joshua Baker

  • Broken by Kersten Christianson

  • Grandmother's Death by Casey Clague

  • Searching for Sun by Linda M. Crate

  • Sylvia, Anne by Ali Cravens

  • After-Party in the Garden by Justin Groppuso-Cook

  • Flotsom Cross by Henry Goldkamp

  • Nocturne by Margaret C. Hughes

  • End of Day by Katharyn Howd Machan

  • This Poem is Banned by Bruce Mcrae

  • Pebble Shore, Ecology by James Pate

  • ​Surrender by Ellen Rhodes

  • The Carpet by Daniel Ruefman

  • Visiting a Very Small Dark House by David Sam

  • Impressions from Alligator Lagoon by Richard Weaver


David Sapp