• Full House by Maryetta Ackenbom

  • Nostalgia by Aaron Berkowitz

  • Toward Better Symbiosis by Soramimi Hanarejima

  • ​The Beetle and Mr. McGillicuddy by Bretton B. Holmes

  • Friends' Night Out by Norbert Kovacs

  • Rays of a Divine Inner Being by Margo McCall

  • Maine and Portage by Gary Pierluigi

  • The Last of the Romantics by Aleyna Rentz

  • The Incineration of Esme Smeck by Audrey Rhys

Creative Nonfiction

  • Story Problems and the Search for Cosines by Thomas Allbaugh

  • ​Spilled Blood by Bob Kunzinger

  • Moorings by Richard LeBlond

  • ​An Unlikely Love Story by Nicole Melchionda

  • His First Patient by Jim Ross

  • Chicken Nugget by Gabrielle Vachon


  • Henderson, NE by Brandon Best

  • Arms on Fire by Brad Garber

  • The Shard of Youth by Katherine Givens

  • Turning by Tim Gordon

  • Transfer Station Scene by Rob Hunter

  • Good Blood by Paul Ilechko

  • Unknobbed by Rick Jordan

  • Saving Frogs, Falling by Steven Pelcman

  • Luna Moth Among Animal Bones by John Robinson

  • Eden by J.R. Solonche

  • Shared Hope by Willard Stringham

  • The Hello by Shirley Vernick


  • Rat Laughter by Robin Crane

  • Henry by Tim Drugan-Eppich

  • Reunion by Kristina Fedeczko

  • A Low-Hanging Fruit by Paige Ferro

  • Open Swim by Susie Hale

  • ​Victims by Toby Tucker Hecht

  • The Frog Prince by Carla Kirchner

  • The Dance by Denise Mostacci-Sklar

  • The Sonnet by Charles Rammelkamp

  • June by Nathan Wisman


  • Anthony Acri

  • ​Antonio Cammallerl

  • Alexander Chubar

  • ​Michael Colbert

  • Mark Mayvec

  • Alexandre Nodopaka

  • ​Carl Scharwath

  • Anne Steinhardt

  • Thomas Terceira

  • Bill Wolak


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