• Hauling by Z.Z. Boone

  • ​Neon Trees by Philip Elliott

  • Half a Bloody Mary by Janet Ference

  • Toast by Michael Grigsby

  • Good For the Goose by Bryan Jones

  • Time, Out of Mind by Maryann Lawrence

  • What Bugs Me by Drew Pisarra 

  • The Long Summer by George Zamalea


  • Death By Avocado by Leticia Garcia Bradford

  • The Professor by Jenny Butler

  • A Pigeon's Life by Joan Johnson

  • Wellfleet's Oysters by Nicholas Lovett

  • St. Cynthia of South Brooklyn by Katherine Macfarlane

  • On Earth by Jacqueline Masumian

  • Potatoes by Andrew Miller

  • By The River by Clara Miller

  • ​November by Toti O'Brien

  • ​Circadian Rhythms by Aparna Reddi

  • ​Class Clown by Michael Snyder

  • Love Charm by Katherine D. Stutzman

  • ​London Zoo by Jonathan Tham

  • ​Wednesday by Biff Walker

  • ​Sawdust by Deng Xiang

Visual Art

  • Willow Barnes

  • Aisha Jemila Daniels

  • Murray Dunlap

  • Beatriz Menendez

  • Rhiannon Smith


  • She Arrives by Trevor Abbud

  • The Fixer by Dick Altman

  • ​Diploid by Devon Balwit

  • ​Lingering: For Joan by Judy Battle

  • Giddy by Max Oliver Delsohn

  • A Glacial Boulder by William Doreski

  • To My Mother's Sadness by Katherine Lee

  • ​The Human Coding Project by Sara Marron

  • ​Photography by Aryn Marsh

  • ​God Chair by Laura Quinnelly

  • Give Gram A Hug For Me by Seth Ruderman

  • ​For You I Swim by Bradley Samore

  • Parade and Coming Rains by Ann Schlotzhauer

  • ​Why Me: A Modern Day Resume by Christopher Slomiak

  • Looking Back by Stephen Ullom

  • When Eating An Apple by Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Vrenios

  • The Clean Up by Bhikshuni Weisbrot

Creative Nonfiction

  • Knockout by Atticus Benight

  • Liam (An ode to my Older Brother) by Erin Callister

  • Signing Off by Kate Dowling

  • Wisdom of a Bum by Rafiq Ebrahim

  • A Life Less Painful by Finn Janning

  • How I Remember According to R.E.M. (Without Lyrics) by Jonathan Jones

  • ​In Praise of Adam by John Walters

  • Human, Nature by Valerie Wu


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