• Incongruence by Sudha Balagopal

  • Razzmatazz by Sarah Bowen

  • The Randolph Hotel by Vincent Chabany Douarre

  • Tug Hill by R.E. Hengsterman

  • A Straight Arrow by Nathan Leslie

  • Asal by Shanna P. Lowe

  • ​The Sand Colored Subject by A.A. Reinecke

  • The Oldest Story There Is by A. R. Robins

  • Birthday Games by Christi R. Suzanne

  • The Falling Girls by Cathy Ulrich

  • Vecinos by Darren Young



  • Cuts and Kisses by Tori Bryl

  • ​The Life Part by Mollie Chandler

  • Strawberry Moon by Johnson Cheu

  • When We Begin & Homage to Zelda by Arya-Francesca Jenkins

  • Mourning Shower by Rich Glinnen

  • Ghost Story by Nate Maxson

  • A Lace Star & Orange Bowl by Ted McCarthy

  • English Lessons by Aftab Shalkh

  • The Highest Botanical by Abel Siemens

  • Red Cape For Sale  by Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas

  • Wind-less Day by Leonard Zawadski



  • Cherry Pie by Brittany Ackerman

  • It Starts Here (14th/8th) by Melissa Goode

  • Bull Elk by Dina Greenberg

  • Like the Rain in Seattle by Brandon Jenkins

  • St. Gertrude's Summer Fair by Danie Knopf-Weinstein

  • Subtraction by Shayleene MacReynolds

  • Part Cajun by G.W. McKinney

  • A Better Place by Fernando Meisenhalter

  • ​Fools Like Me by Peter E. Murphy

  • Brown Leather by Josh Rank​​

  • Glass Bottomed Boat by Allison Spector



  • Moving by Sean Griffin

  • Unholy Family by Margeret Ormod

  • Midsommar by Catherine Young

  • Impact by Tracy Youngblom


  • Nandi Ayana

  • Aimee Bungard

  • Phillip Orue

  • Julle Shavin

  • Ainsley Ashby-Snyder

  • Richard Vyse