• White Cliffs by Barry Basden

  • Every Day She Wrote The Book by Allie Marini Batts

  • Labor Day by Robert Boucheron

  • The Slow Burn by Richard Crowley

  • Trash by John Domenichini

  • Big Chimpin' by Jeffrey Dupuis

  • Maybe I Only... by Alejandra Guerra

  • Don't be Sorry by Joey Hale

  • The Voice by Steve Karas

  • The Promise by Kate LaDew

  • Tall Coffee, Black by Leonard Owens III

  • Everything Gone by Heather McDonald

  • The  Brave Mare by Tami Nadeau

  • Trash Day is Tuesday by Greg Riley

  • Rain by Charles Rafferty

  • She Wakes Up by Douglas Rudoff

  • Telephoning God by Wayne Scheer

  • The Old Ghost by Zachary Solomon

  • Crushed by Mark Tarallo

  • The Drunk in the Bus Stop by Matthew Whalan

Visual Art


  • Amanda Ellis

  • Leah Givens

  • Jennifer Powers

  • Sayeed Mehmood

  • Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz

  • Colleen Purcell

  • Louis Staeble


  • Liberty and Justice by Gary Beck

  • Poems by Neil Ellman

  • Poems by Brian Fanelli

  • Poems by Bud Kenny

  • Eulogy by Christopher Pascale

  • Poems by Charles Rammelkamp

  • Poems by Mary Ellen Shaughan

  • Mercy Rule by Michael Ugulini

Creative Nonfiction


  • Making out at Stoplights by Darian Lane

  • Preventing Suicide... by Carol Martindale-Taylor

  • Looking for Motherhood by Andrew Pei

  • It's a Generational Thing by Wayne Scheer

  • Crater of Diamonds by Shoilee White


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