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The Arkansan Review is a semi-annual online literary journal produced by students in the MFA program at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. Work by UAM's MFA students is not included in the journal. The journal is published in the Fall and Spring, featuring poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction.

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The Arkansan Review is published semi-annually by the University of Arkansas at Monticello Master of Fine Arts writing program.


Submissions are accepted year-round. Creators need not be a UAM student to submit. We do not accept submissions from current UAM MFA students.


Please do not submit new work until after you hear from us regarding your first submission.  If your work is accepted for publication, please wait one year before submitting again.  We like to showcase as many new writers and artists as possible.  

If your work is accepted elsewhere before you hear from us, please remember to withdraw your Arkansan Review submission ASAP.


  • Please use block formatting (no left indents) for all prose submissions.

  • We are presently accepting original, unpublished works (including posting it on any website blog or anywhere it can be found on the web).  In particular, we are interested in fiction and  creative nonfiction anywhere from 25 to 3000 words in length, poetry  (no more than 3 poems per submission, all of which must be submitted together), photo essays, artwork, comics,  video, hybrid—look, we’ve got eclectic tastes here. Don’t be afraid to  submit works that defy form or genre. We cannot pay you, but if it makes you feel better, we’re not getting paid either.

  • If your work is accepted, we will request an image that represents you (you can interpret this however you'd like) and a brief bio to be included with your creative work.

  • Please keep your images below 5 MB for bios and art submissions.  If for some odd reason we need a larger image, we will contact you.

  • We do not reprint work published elsewhere, in any form, this includes work that has been published in print magazines, blogs, or anywhere online.  It's disheartening to publish something, then realize that it is posted somewhere else.

All rights revert to author.

Please email your submissions to

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