Summer 2013


Thomas Averill:  Recessional and Rant for John Bartram
Lewis Beilman: The Widower
Terry Davis:  Atheist in a Foxhole
Amanda Ellis: Maybe
Brian Alan Ellis :The Problem with Helen
Donnie Ray Groves:  Simple Reminders
Thomas Healy:  Bunts
Erin Entrada Kelly:  Sparrow on the White Space
Cat Kovach:  Sea and Stars
Al Kratz:  Fighting Demons
Joe Kraus: The Elvis Presley Bar Mitvah Concert: Reflections on the Releaseof the 20th AnniversaryThree-DVD Set
Mike LaBrie:Heroin
Mercedes Lawry: Bartender
Eleanor Levine: Peas and Carrots
P.D. Mallamo: Anubis
Louis Reyna: Death on Interstate 70
Kirby Wright:  House with Dragon Trees

Greg Bachar
Doug Bolling
Mark Burr
George Eklund
Katrina Guarascio
Douglas S. Jones
Jen Karetnick 
Daisy LaFarge
Paige Lewis
William Miller 
Bedell Phillips
Connolly Ryan
Steven Ray Smith
Steven Stam
Tim Suermondt
Daniel Sundahl
James Valvis
Michael K. White  
Leonore Wilson
Pui Ying Wong
Kirby Wright
Changming Yuan

Silvana Alfonso: Mid-Morning
Adolfo Bejar:  Transfer Station
Paul Haney: Extracting the Rat
Priscilla Jolly: Blue Denim
Katya Kulik:  The Genesis of Hangover
Ana Consuelo Matiella:  La Malinche
Ania Payne: Irrational Integers
Steve Peacock: Play Dead, Roll Over

Eleanor Leonne Bennett
Diane Cypkin, Ph.D.
Tobin Fraley
Kate LaDew
Helina Million
Jake Troyli
Dr. Ernest Williamson III

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